Mbalabala Safaris has been hunting in Zimbabwe since 1987 and in that time we have built a good reputation for big game trophies. We only hunt in the best areas in Zimbabwe to ensure you have the best possible hunt.

About Mbalabala Safaris

Begun by Charlie and Pam Stanton, over 20 years ago, Mbalabala safaris offers a unique hunting experience in the southern part of Zimbabwe. The hunting season takes place during the winter months, between April and October, when the bush is sparse, water scarce and the game is in perfect condition. Lindon (Charlie and Pam's youngest son) is now a director in the company and is starting to take over the reigns.

Our Camps

Mbalabala Safaris operates out of several different camps around Zimbabwe, offering our clients a diverse and exceptional Zimbabwean experience.

Our areas include:

  • Hwange District
  • Makuti Safari Area
  • Limerick and Mashura

Meet our Professional Team

Mbalabala Safaris only use the most professional and qualified hunting professionals.

Lindon Stanton

Lindon is the couple's younger son who followed family tradition and joined Matt and Charlie in 2000. Lin is now a qualified PH and enjoys the thrill of the leopard hunt as well as the heart pounding excitement of Buffalo and Elephant hunting. Lin has also recently started up a hunting blog. (www.intothejesse.com) with 4 other PH's.

In 2015 Lin won the Largest Aquatic Animal shot in Zimbabwe for 2015 - this being a crocodile that measured 15ft 3". In 2016, Lin won the largest Sable Shot in Zimbabwe and in 2017 was awarded Professional Hunter of the Year for Zimbabwe.

Pierre Hundemarke

Having grown up in the Midlands on a game farm, Pierre's passion for the African bush was as inherent to him as walking. He always knew he wanted to work with wildlife He qualified as a professional hunter in 2005 and since then has been guiding clients throughout Zimbabwe helping them to fulfil their African Hunting dreams.

Pierre has recently joined our Mbalabala Safaris team and is a founding member of the "Into the Jesse' hunting blog. Pierre has no favourite species to hunt, he loves to hunt them all.

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