Whilst all reasonable care, protection and precaution is taken by the company, we cannot hold ourselves responsible for any damage or loss incurred by Clients whether as a result of the negligence of the Company's directors or employees or not.

Clothing and Heath Recommendations

We recommend lightweight safari clothing, a wide brimmed hat, smooth soled walking shoes, a warm jacket, cap and gloves for frosty morning and evenings. It is vital that clients take precautions against Malaria and Tick Bite Fever before, during and after safari. Pease seek the advise of your local health practitioner before the trip.


The Summer months are from October to April with day time temperatures ranging from 85 - 105F (29 - 40C) in our hunting areas. The winter months are from May to September with day time temperatures ranging from 65 - 85F (18 - 20C). Nights can be cold during this period with temperatures dropping to 35F (1-2C). Our rains normally start in the middle of November and end in March.

Fire Arms

It is possible to hire firearms, however we strongly recommend clients to bring their own rifles, shotguns and ammunition. On arrival in Zimbabwe a temporary import permit will be issued once your firearm(s) and ammunition have been physically inspected by customs officials. It is essential that you state the exact amount of ammunition you will be bringing into the country.

Clients who transit through South Africa on their way to us will have to complete firearms forms from this country.

For dangerous game such as elephant, buffalo and lion, calibers of .375 or bigger may be used. For soft skinned animals, any weapon in the 7mm or .38 / .300 range may be used. Sixty rounds of each calibre should be sufficient. For the heavier calibre weapons we prefer a mixture of solid and soft nosed ammunition whilst just soft nose bullets are preferred for the light calibre weapons. Trophy bonded, Swift A-Frame or Barnes X are good choices.

When importing weapons for your safari you will also need to have a completed Firearms Temporary Import Permit Form.

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