Hwange District

Hwange District

Hwange Campfire Area is a community management area. Campfire stands for Communal Area Management Program For Indigenous Resources Empowerment. The area is over 1 Million Acres in total. The area starts near the Victoria Falls in the North and runs along the Zambezi River to the Gwaii Mouth approximately 150 Kilometers downstream. The areas western and southern boundries lie against the game rich Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s biggest national park, totaling some 13 000 sq kilometers.

Our Sidinda camp is located 100km downstream of the Victoria Falls, on the banks of the Zambezi River. The camp is only an hour’s drive from Victoria Falls International Airport, making it easily accesable. With the might Falls right on our door step and being one of the wonders of the world it is a must see for every hunter, whether before, during or after one’s safari.

Hwange National Park, together with Matetsi Safari Area, Kazuma National Park, Zambezi National Park and Pandamasui Forrest combined form one of Africa’s largest wilderness areas of over 25 000 SQ Kilometers in extent. With these combined areas having the biggest populations of elephant in Africa, estimated at around 54 000, the Hwange National Park can only sustainably hold 15 000. Due to this overpopulation, our area gets a constant migration of elephant coming in search of food and water, some herds more resident than others. This influx of elephant makes our area an elephant hunter’s perfect destination. The Hwange Campfire Area gets given a quota for both trophy and non-trophy bulls. Also, with our area having nearly 200 kilometers of Zambezi River to our hunting and fishing disposal – aquatic hunting is exceptional. The area averages some of the biggest crocodiles along with big hippo bulls. Our area also holds some of the other big game such as lion, leopard, buffalo and hyena making a combination hunt very exciting and memorable. Although Hwange Campfire Area is mainly a big game area there is a variety of plains game animals that one might be interested in taking, whilst on safari.

For those done with their hunting part of their safari, the Zambezi River arguably provides some of the best tiger fishing in Africa, along with the many other fish species resident in the vast river.

The terrain in the area varied from the hill country to Miombo woodlands, riverine forest and open savannah vleis as well as Kalahari sands. It is an ideal walk and stalk area.
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